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Mark Westerfield
The Westerfield Law Firm
OFFICE: (703) 634-3666
FAX: (888) 899-8906
Personal SERVICE
Please Email or Call Me To Schedule An Appointment
No charge for initial consultation
Legal issues and questions do not always come up during normal business hours. Feel free to call or email me at your convenience. I may not be able to respond to you immediately, but I will do so when my schedule allows.
Seek justice for all ... Champion the cause of those who deserve redress for injury to personal property . . . Promote the public good through concerted efforts to secure safe products, a safe work place, a clean environment, and quality healthcare . . . Further the rule of law in a civil justice system, and protect the rights of the accused . . . Advance the common law and the finest traditions of jurisprudence . . . and uphold the honor and dignity of the legal profession and the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity.
Mission Statement - Association of Trial Lawyers of America

I rarely maintain regular office hours. I may be in court or taking a deposition or meeting with a client or witness. Please email or call me to discuss your legal issue and to schedule an appointment.

"I make house calls." In many cases, I can arrange to meet with you at your home, office, place of business or other convenient location.
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